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transform your dispatchers into...


Poorly trained Dispatchers could cost you valuable Customers and Drivers.

Are your Dispatchers the skilled, effective managers that you would like them to be?
Would you like to:

*Increase Driver Retention?

*Enhance Customer Satisfaction?

*Get Assistance From other Departments?

*Improve Time Proficiency?

*Accelerate problem Solving Skills?

*Boost Profitability?

Maybe it's time you recruit the consulting services of
Sean K. Stapleton.

Sean K. Stapleton has been involved in the transportation industry for the past 17 years. He has worked with some of the nations largest, most profitable trucking companies and was responsible for setting up the very first truckload carrier to achieve ISO-9000 status.

Sean's consulting services are provided in four areas:

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The PRO book written by Sean, is a persuasive guide of hands-on, easy to follow coaching that will zero in on essential skills, transforming your Dispatchers into Effective Managers.


*Motivate Fleet Managers and their Drivers
*Successful Meeting Ideas
*Documentation Suggestions
*Form Problem Solving Teams
*Positive Projects for the Dispatch Office


Sean will report to your place of business to hold a group participation seminar that will sharpen the skills of your Operations Personnel.
There is also a one-on-one training seminar. This is held at Sean's office in Springfield, MO.
The sections that are covered are as follows:

1. Driver Retention
2. Time Management
3. Dealing with Stress
4.Positive Involvement within the Workplace
5.Getting Cooperation from other Departments
6. Speaking to groups
7. Problem Solving

Awards will be given for the top two attendees for Personal Progress and Admiration.
Any or all of these sections can be covered, the estimated time for a full seminar to a group of 15-20 should be in the 4-5 hour range.

To contact Sean or to receive a brochure:

Sean K. Stapleton
3702 North 11th Street
Ozark, MO 65721
e-mail: truckmanager@hotmail.com

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